Most used Microwave link diffraction method

Hello Experts.

What diffraction method do you use in these options?

Microwave link diffraction method

Here are the settings I use in Atoll for different propagation models:


  • Vertical diffraction over rooftops based on Walfisch-Ikegami model and multiple knife-edge Deygout method.
  • Horizontal diffraction based on ray tracing.


  • CrossWave applies the Deygout method for determining wave diffraction losses.

SPM (Standard Propagation Model)

  • Deygout (default)
  • Epstein-Peterson
  • Deygout with correction
  • Millington


  • Knife-edge Deygout method

It seems to me that Deygout is the most used.

Which is this tool?

It is CloudRF

Simple, powerful, great support, on the Cloud and cheap.