Most 6 important terminologies in Transport Networks

  1. NOC

    Stands for network operations center.

    It’s the environment where we can control the transport network remotely.

    We can configure , monitor , troubleshooting the cabinets remotely from Noc.

  2. DCN

    Stands for data communication network.

    Set of protocols used to establishing the communication between cabinets and NMS to exchange mangment informations.

  3. NMS

    Stands for network mangment system

    It’s the tool that allow us to login remotely to the sites and cabinets to perform configuration, troubleshooting or even performance monitoring

    Like NFM T in Nokia and imaster NCE in Huawei

  4. NE

    Stand for network element

    It represents the equipment and cabinets of transmission like microwave Links and optical cabinets

    Like RTN Huawei or mini Link 6000 Ericsson or OSN Huawei or SPO or 1830 PSS Nokia

  5. Transport protocols

    It’s a set of protocols that allows traffic Flo along the network

    Like OTN , SDH , sonet , Ethernet

    Some protocols working in L1 and some other in L2 or L2

  6. Multiplexing technology:

  • WDM
  • TDM
  • FDM
  • SDM

Some technologies used to multiplex more than traffic flow in to single transmission line, some of them depends on frequency and some other depends on wavelength or time slots.

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