More than 20 MHz in Band3 1800

Dear Experts.

Band3 1800 MHz has 75 MHz bandwidth.

If one country just 3 network operator, any operator can get more than 20 MHz in this band?

Of course can get.

Which country?

Any network have L1800 > 20 MHz?

Yes, APAC.


If we have 30 MHz bandwidth, we should configure 2 cells: 15 + 15 or 20 + 10 MHz?

B3 FDD is better with 20 MHz & intraband 10 MHz as 2nd carrier (20 -C1 & 10-C2).

Normal practice is 20+10.

If the band is continious than 15+15 is a better option when it come to load balancing.

Else with different BW it will be challenging to balance the load.

For multi carrier network, very important to balance traffic with cell bandwidth.

If LTE has feature direct retry as 3G, 15+15 is easy to make 2 carrier same traffic load.