More attenuation in L2300 than N3500 at cell edge

Dear Experts,
I have one query regarding field observation of NR and LTE TF propagation…

We have L2300 anchor and N3500 secondary.
Near the site below the antenna, RSRP difference between the 2 is around 12 dB, i.e. NR is 12 dB weaker.
But at the cell edge, difference between RSRP of NR and LTE is just 2-3 dB.
As we know, M3500 have more free space losses and attenuation losses than L2300, due to higher frequency, it should have attenuated more.
But we observed that L2300 attenuated more at cell edge, and difference between the 2 has reduced

This is strange to me. Can anyone explain why this would happen?

Consider that M3500 NR has a higher massive MIMO gain at cell edge.

Do you mean beamforming gain?
Currently only one ssb is transmitted.
So no beam forming gain expected here.

I think even ssbs are beamformed.
No single antenna would be able to deliver one ssb shape.

But SSBs are not user specific like PDSCH.
How can it be transmitted in only one direction?

Just my query…

Ssb are transmitted in one direction.
8 of them will cover the whole sector.
Or 4 or 64.
This is why we have 64 TX on one antenna.
You can’t expect an ssb to be generated by only one TX.

Yes, but I said we are only transmitting 1 ssb.
Then how it will cover whole sector?

Even with 1 ssb do you think it is not beamformed?

Please check your left/right edge angle, it will define beam coverage.

Where to check this?

I suppose this must be a parameter.

I haven’t come across it yet.

AAU specs will give let right angle and up down angle.

Lets say we have to cover 120 degree.
With 8 beam, I can perform beam forming where each beam will cover 120/8 angle.
So whole sector will get covered.
Same with 4 beam.
Then with only one ssb, how to cover whole sector every 20 ms?

How do you know there is only 1 ssb?
Is there a parameter for this?

Ssb position for fr1 and FR2 defined as per 3gpp table.

Ssb Position in burst 01000000.

Number of transmitted ssb block is there.

For ssb position we have short, medium, long format as per fr1 and fr2.

It feels like with 1 ssb beamforming is not possible…