Monsoon effect?

Dear Experts.

My CQI is improved SINR patch looks great on pre-post comparison.

But stats has less SINR and UL RB number has decreased in post, BLER improved means reduction and PUSCH power from 16 to 15 dBm, RI is same.

What can be reasons need to check OSS PRB.

But RB used is same in pre-post, also MCS.

But UL RB number has decreased.

If it is raining, can it be monsoon effect?

I can not answere based on DT…

you will get a clear picture if compare with KPI performance on the of raining, if the hourly KPIs were improved at the time of rain then you will get your answer i guess… But usually in the monsoon effected countries, rain improves the KPIs.