Monitoring Slot Periodicity And Offset

Hello Experts.

Quick question: there are many RRC configurations that include periodicityAndOffset.
For example PDCCH monitoring information element contains field monitoringSlotPeriodicityAndOffset.

My question is: what does sl8 means?
Does it mean periodicity is 8 slot?
If yes, then what is the offset meaning?

Confusion is how is one value signaling both periodicity and offset.

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Take the below example for instance where periodicity is defined as 40 slots for all 3 SRS resources and offsets are 9,14,19.

Assuming the 30kHz SCS, If the offset for an SRS resource is zero in this example, you can expect the SRS in the slots 0, 40, 80, 120,… => (0,0), (2,0), (4,0), (6,0)… Notation in (Frame, slot)

For the SRS resource 1, offset is 9. So, SRS resource 1 is expected at the slots 0+9, 40+9, 80+9, 120+9,… => (0,9), (2,9),(4,9), (6,9)… Notation in (Frame, slot)
Similarly for SRS resource 3, offset is 19. So, SRS resource 3 is expected at the slots 0+19, 40+19, 80+19, 120+19,… => (0,19), (2,19),(4,19), (6,19)… Notation in (Frame, slot)

Hope this clears everything.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this.
I understand what your saying.
The only confusion left is that.

Take this example. I only see one common sl value representing both the periodicity and offset.
While in your example, there there were two values sl40 and 9.
I don’t see how offset is separately configured in my picture.

Looks like the configuration is different for PDCCH.
I’ll check the spec and revert in some time.

I checked other configurations as well for example the SR configurations.

They have similar format periodicityAndOffset is represented by one sl number.

Looks like the calculation is not straight forward.
UE needs to derive the periodicity Ks and Offset Os from monitoringSlotPeriodicityAndOffset.
Check this snippet from 38.213.

Thank you very Much! This is indeed helpful!