Modulation change relative to RSRQ

Good morning everyone. It is known that changing the RSRQ affects the choice of modulation in data transmission. I am looking for a source (link to the website) in which I can see the preferred modulation depending on the RSRQ in a table or described in the text, e.g.: for RSRQ >-10, the preferred modulation is 64QAM or higher. Thank you if anyone knows where to find such a source of information.

I think you should change/translate your question into English. This is international forum so no one is going to understand you.

Answering your question. You need to map RSRQ to SINR then SINR to CQI. Its not easy coz SNR mapping is UE vendor specific.

Better to check basing on logs what CQI you have. This way allows you to easily map CQI to the modulation type.

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