Mobile apps should disable the "Location" after the transaction

Nowadays, many Mobile apps are alerting users to enable “Location” (if the GPS is not already enabled) when making a payment or booking a cab or groceries or food or anything… Fine, Location is required for the transaction.

But the irony is, none of these apps are trying to disable the location, after the transaction is completed. Can’t they not once again alert the user to disable the Location once the transaction is completed?

The apps are countless - even the quite frequent apps which many use… Gpay (Google), Uber, Ola, Swiggy and so on… are all following the same model.

Most of the time the user forgets to disable the Location. Millions (or may be Billions) of Mobile users’ mobile battery might be draining for this reason.

Is this not an annoying thing? Do you feel the same?

LinkedIn: RajaGopal Maddi on LinkedIn: #google #android #apple #ios #mobileapplications #developers | 30 comments

We have got some good insights and acknowledgements from few people in the above LinkedIn post. Some have even tagged the European and United States Regulatory bodies. But no regulatory responded :frowning: as of 24th Oct 2022. What do you guys say, this is surely a Telecommunication issue too, so thought of bringing it to the Telecom Experts here. :