MO / Parameters to define / create nodes in SA / NSA configuration


Any template to define which MO / Parameters are applicable to define / create in Ericsson node towards Nokia node for NBR definition in SA/NSA configuration?

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Good afternoon @arora.

I haven’t configured yet E/// → Nokia, but probably for 5G NSA should be the same way as E/// → E///.

Where you need to define the Nokia 5G Neighbor Node with the proper information (gnbid, ipaddress…) in the E/// 4G Node and the E/// 5G Node.

In the picture above we first define the 4G->5G definition and then the 5G->5G relation, because they need to be done paired when NSA.

Some of the parameters are Mandatory some are just optional.

Hope this works the same way E/// to Nokia.

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Thanks Fredy , much appreciated!
(Although I have most of these in my list).

I was looking more into on feature, node and FDD level.

Please let me know if you aware any of these.

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You’re Welcome!

I do not know which features may be needed but I will do a search and if I found something useful I’ll let you know.

Other experts can suggest too.

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