MML Command Printouts

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding printouts to commands issued at an MSC Blade Cluster (Ericsson network).
I have access to the BC in question but for some commands I get an answer printouts and for other commands I just get a procedural printout like ORDERED.
How can I get the actual result printout of a given MML command that just gives back the ORDERED response?

If I enter the following command at the MSC: MGLCP:LAI=ALL,CELL=ALL; I get the typical long response, meaning the LAI for every cell at the blade cluster. But for other commands I just get ORDERED as an answer Procedure Printout but I don’t get the Result Printout like the previous command.

Reading through the corresponding Alex/Elex library seems to me that there is a difference between an answer printout and a procedure printout but I don’t know how to get the actual text of the response for the ones that just return ORDERED.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Hi, @nezar , answer printouts appears in several seconds after command is ORDERED. I suspect you don’t use winfiol to connect MSC. Try it.