Mme selection by enodeb

How enodeb selects MME from the pool area with respect to RC value… RC=relative capacity

  1. if RRC conn request message: UE provide MME id in identity number -> enb will select this MME.
  2. If UE not provide MME id:
  • based on priority: MME in the pool has higher priority, enb will select
  • based on capacity & load: Relative load = Number of dedicated S1-MME connections x 255/Relative capacity of the MME.
    eNodeB selects the MME with the minimum relative load in an MME pool.

Thanks great input… From where dedicated S1-MME connection details we can get.

enb know how many S1-connection for each MME in the pool. Each user in connected mode has 1 S1-connection.
You can check by DSP S1INTERFACE in Huawei enb command.

Can we have nokia enb details… Where we can check the dedicated connection.

Hi Hainm … your description is on point.
What I am not sure is how the eNodeB should select the correct MME when there is a handover from 3G to LTE.

Not have handover from 3G to 4G. When UE reselect from 3G to 4G, it does not have old GUTI number, enb will random chose any MME in the pool.