Minimum time duration Base Station continue identifying a UE with same RNTI?

What is the minimum time duration over which the base station can continue to identify a UE with same RNTI?

In other words, once a UE connects to BS with an allocated RNTI, what happens when the UE goes to sleep say over a few seconds, will the scheduler continue to maintain the same RNTI over the sleep cycles? At what point UE goes out of the purview of BS scheduler and reappears a brand new UE and starts RACH procedure and gets a new RNTI assigned to it.

Can someone explain the time evolution of RACH events oversleep cycles?

Usually Network has an Inactivity timer running, Usually its between 5~10 secs, if there is not activity UL/DL by the UE then network will Release the UE and when UE has to perform any data its needs to do RACH again with new Identity.

UE can also go in CDRX sleep cycles but those will be in milliseconds, if CDRX is configured by the network.

Once UE goes into RRC_IDLE state, it has to do RACH and get a new CRNTI ,CRNTI is only valid as long as UE is in RRC_CONNECTED state.

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Hi @samohiuddin, Thanks a lot for the help.
Can you suggest some reference as well to this, so that I can go through them?