Minimize cell load/congestion (high PRB utilization)

Dear LTE Experts.

As traffic are increasing and LTE Cells/Sites are Loaded/Congested of high PRB utilized.

Kindly share working procedure and ideas to minimize.
Appreciate your time.

If you have multicarrier and another cell not that loaded you can idle based or MLB traffic shifting.
Check coverage overlap sample too.
If scheduling is congested then there are parameter to control that too.

You can try load balancing feature to OFF Load cell.

Multi carrier available? Vendor please…

I am trying not Vendors specific discussion.
I want know and understand what is the working method to mitigate Congestion or future expansion etc.

Yes, now everywhere LTE network are Multi-Layer but my working is categorized 1 Sector into (CellF1,F2,F3) which facing at same direction.
I am asking working procedure or method to follow up case by case for future expansion like carrier addition from 2CC to 3CC or Load Balancing with neigbour sector.

Depends what is bandwidth and PRB utilization in all carriers, FDD and TDD so that you can do some trials.
If low bandwidth has high carrier agg priority you can make low if highly congested.
This is one of example.
If more cc there.
And depends on vendor some features.

You can do idle based, handover based or load balancing and play with carrier aggregation priority too.

Is it fine if I consdier Uplink PRB utilization as well?

Scheduling parameter help too in some cases if UL and DL CCE failures are high.
Depends on PDCCH AGG level used.
Mostly if high it means you are in poor RF.

My working method is to consider DL PRB & UL PRB in busy hour and take max of it.

Filter 60 > PRB Util%.

Idle mode load balancing, connected mode load balancing, coverage base load balancing, load base load balancing, CA prioritization, RET modification based on layer load, along side with some other resource optimization parameters.

Yes good points.
How about traffic shifting to neighbor cells like inter eNodeB CA activation will help?

I haven’t tried this @Zubairullahshah.
I will rather engage physical optimization.

Pls check control plane utilization along with user plane utilization if both utilization high you can play with idle lb parameter along with this you can also change connected mode LMS based on utilization trend.

Apart from idle or connected based, you can also share the traffic by CIO (for specific relation) or change A2 threshold.