MIMO vs low throughput on one site

Hi Experts, need your suggestion in below case.

Initially we received complaint on low throughput on one site.
After investigation, found MIMO issue on the site.
Which is resolved after hardware replacement.
Throughput improved but payload still same.
Although PRB of the oter carrier is quite high.

I assumed that after MIMO resolution payload and throuput will improve.
For payload i changed the tilt and power also.

But no improvement.
What can we do further?
Any suggestions?

Enable MU-MIMO, then any user will practically use all PRBs and all slots.

What do you mean by payload?
If throughput improved then your objective is achieved no?

No. Now we need to improve payload also on demand customer.

What is payload?

Payload is data traffic.

If your throughput improved then your data traffic improved.
They are one and same thing.
Are you looking to further improve throughput?

That’s the point.
MIMO improved.
Throughput improved.
But data traffic is not improved.
As per stats.

If Mimo improved and throughput improved then it means more data is downloaded in less time.
If we assume customers behavior remained largely same before and after your changes, then data traffic shouldn’t change.
Tput = data-traffic/time.
You see if data-traffic is constant and only time has reduced that means throughput has increased.

Still not sure what is problem statement

That’s the problem. After MIMO resolution, payload should have improved but it did not improve.

But the other carrier having high PRB.
Need to balance this carrier.
Initially I thought that the problem along with MIMO.
Load balanced for dedicated already checked.

How is payload supposed to improve? Payload is based on usage. If customer usage hasn’t changed then payload will not change.

You may be confusing throughput improvement with overall data usage. As I said theoretically data usage is constant. So your change would have only affected throughput.

Now realistically it is possible then with good throughput customer start to use more data online. But if their packages don’t allow any higher usage, your payload will not significantly increase.

Payload isn’t a right KPI to measure success of your trial. Your trial was to improve user experience, not increase data usage.

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