MIMO vs Carrier Aggregation for Throughput improvement

Hi Experts.

Supposing we have all the resources to implement Carrier Aggregation and MIMO, but have to implement only one of the two options for throughput improvement, which one is the best with respect to throughput/data rate only? Carrier aggregation or MIMO?

Can you please explain pros and cons of each option, which one is preferable, and why?

Carrier Aggregation more preferable as user throughput will enhance.

MIMO start from tm3 mode basically changes in MIMO fallback to tm2 more as per radio condition so throughput can’t be guaranteed.

This question is a bit tricky :sweat_smile:
If I have 2 CA with 10 MHz and Massive MIMO 8*8 on 10 MHz.

I will prefer the massive MIMO.

There is less possibility on the field that all the UE support 8*8 MIMO.

But most of the UE support CA.

Yes, I agree with this point.

Reason why am saying “tricky”.

He said we should only focus on throughput aspect.

So CA is the only good option.

Do you mean 8*8 mode with tm9?

For common case no need UE supports 8×8, by 8×8 at eNB side, UE has more chance for getting higher rank like 4 and 3 so it can have more throughput.

Yes. Even if I do MIMO 4*4 and 2 CA.

If throughput only point of view, MIMO will be the best choice.

Now If we want to take other aspects into consideration as cost, UE compatability and so on.

2 CA will be the best choice

The answer depends on how it is defined.

MIMO stability depends on network radio conditions to be well optimized.

But at the end, the best benefit is to implement the two methods CA and MIMO!

What about 8*8 MIMO mode mentioned. How is implemented?

8 antenna ports.

I mean TM mode implemented?

As per my knowledge it’s with TM9 only possible for 8*8.

If there any field trial results please share.

Throughput so much improved.

Some issues on coverage gap due to low RSP (some adjusts on PA/PB to recover and also coverage adjustment).

My opinoin is mimo 2*2 on 10 MHZ achive near thoughpt like if we aggregate 2 carriers each one with 10MHZ Bandwidht so mimo use less BW and than MIMO is best in this case.

The chances of getting rank3 and rank4 are much less than CA.Rank 3 or 4, CQI requirements are too high. MIMO 2x2 with CA can be a good achivement for Tput.

I had not a chance of testing 8x8 Mimo. What about phone battery life impact?

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