MIMO site not creating neighbour relation with other layer (FDD-1800 & FDD-2100)

Hi ExpertS.
I have one MIMO site with BB6649 configuration not creating Neighbour relation with other layer (FDD-1800 & FDD-2100).
ANR is activated.
What should be neccassray action required?
Vendor is Ericsson.
Thanks in advance.

Check the AnrFunctionEutran MO to make sure all the parameter settings are consistent.
Also make sure serving cells have.
EutranFreqRelations defined towards target desired band else ANR will not create any relations towards that frequency.

Dear, can you manually ADD EutranExternal as 2 Different EARFCN?
Also check if there is any alarm of X2.
Also check the Interference, L2100 is not using by 3G cells on same or neighboring sites.