MIMO-OFDM for 5G NR with MIMO 4x4 and 4 Layers simulation

Hello everyone.
I am simulating MIMO-OFDM for 5G NR with MIMO 4x4 and 4 layers, so it is just SU-MIMO (No beamforming and No Massive MIMO).

When I simulate to compute BER and PDSCH Throughput, it gives me a high BER from 0 dB to 25 dB SNR.
When I tried 4x4 and 2 layers, it gives a very good result in BER and Throughput.

So, why the 4x4 with 4 layers gives a very high BER and throughput is not computed?
Any information please?

How did you made orthogonal paths between 4 MIMO streams?
Not sure what are your playing parameters there, can you be more specific?

I did DM-RS parameters correctly in order to mute the antenna ports and make the orthogonal paths also.

How did you ensure orthogonal paths? orthogonality/correlation is a coefficient between 0 and 1.
What’s your value 0.3 or 0.7 or which value is it between all MIMO streams?
Also what is the condition number your achieved?
For the diagonal matrix: what is the condition number your achieved?

I need to debug it then I can come back to you.
I understand what you mean.

I am using CDL channel model.

It’s around 0.3.

In dB?
Please see this graph:

What about orthogonality.corelation?

I don’t know how to check because I am using 5G toolbox.

Ok, then what’s your SINR?
Is it over 15 dB?

From 0 to 25dB in the simulation.
When I did 8x8 with 2 layers and 16x8 also, it shows me a very good results.
I think there is a problem with increasing number of layer due to DM-RS configuration parameters.
I tried to debug but the muting port shows is muted when I used 4 layer with delta = 2.
I don’t know where is the problem.
I am using DM-RS type 2.