MIMO Gain formula for Ericsson 4G

Hello Guys,
Please anyone can provide MIMO Gain formula for Ericsson 4G?

I believe you mean MIMO Usage Percentage here?

Yes, please.

This is what I have for MIMO GAIN:


This is actually MIMO rank usage percentage.

Any other formula for MIMO utilisation %?

Massive MIMO gain is a parameter of AAU that is written in datasheet and is usually anything between 23 dB and 33 dB depending on number of elements of AAU.

How to be sure your MIMO 2 by 2 is working well?
Which counter need to follow?

Look in the counters, you should have Rank2 percentage different than zero.
Drive test tools also have windows for MIMO where you can see layers and ports used per second.

I want to share with you the final one formula I have: