MIMO 4x4 DT parameters

Hi all.
In order to check MIMO mode in use during a DT which parameters do I should inspect?
Transmission Mode + rank + Antenna ports?
The need is to verify operation in MIMO 4x4, 2x4, 4x2, etc

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Hi ,

It is depend on your Mimo configuration but usually the Rank + CQi is enought

If closed loop mimo are used you can use the PMI also


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In RRC reconfig message check TX antenna ( for number of DL antennas)

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You can check rank indicator, but as far as I know during DT you can only check how much your UE is receiving from downlink. We can assume the MIMO config but we also need to be familiarized in the configs that are existing in the network and we can conclude like for example, 1; = SIMO, 1< 2; = 2x2, 2<=4; =4x4. The upper-mentioned values are concluded as per the existing MIMO config based in the network Im working with. We dont have 3x3 MIMO here so the range 2<=4; =4x4. You can also check in L3 messages.

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Pleae consider the first and important requirment for MIMO 4X4.
most of the MS(mobile subscribers) capable with mimo 2x2 but not much of the UEs can handle mimo 4x4.
I have this exprince in one the area and we think may we have problem wigh mimo 4x4 configuration from node.
Due to this after configured mimo 4x4 it is better to active 4x4 , 4x2, 2x2 features(quadant).
If you are using DUS by (get quad) you can find related features.
And for baseband nodes (invl quad) is the command.
Thanks for reading also your comments if i wrong.

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