Migration from VSAT to OFC but no improvement in Throughput

Hello Experts.

We recently migrated some high traffic (Nokia LTE sites) from VSAT to OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) but there isn’t much improvement in throughput.

Apart from physical optimisation which may take time, what are the parameters that we can check and optimise?

If anyone give some feedback, it will be very helpful.

Check peak, non peak single user throughput.

Try reducing power, opt steps or admin control to see issue.

You can compare throughput for national server and Beyond Gi server.

And then you can conclude if it’s Gi capacity or bottleneck somewhere between eNodeB and Gi.

Gi boarder not server please.

Actually cell is very much congested with over 100 users in a 10 MHz cell.

Users are getting only 300-400 Kbps in downlink while uplink is more than 3 Mbps.

Do you mean backhaul capacity?


User connected is not realy reliable.

Check PRB DL utilization .

No issue with backhaul actually.

Its overall capacity over 10 Gbps and only few sites integrated.

No packet loss or jitter.

Max latency is 10 ms.

Average PRB utilization is over 90%.

In some of cells, max active users in UL is more than DL, what does it indicate?

Normally Downlink traffic is more than Uplink.

No, at concerts and events there is more Uplink traffic than Downlink.