Migrating SDH to MPLS TP

  • MPLS TP is a protocol for traffic forwarding and mangment.

  • Standardized by ITU and IETF.

  • It uses short fixed length label for traffic forwarding.

  • Improve traffic forwarding over traditional IP forwarding.

  • Suitable for packet switching traffic.

  • TP means transport profile, which means its suitable for all kinds of transport devices and protocols.

  • MPLS TP is better than SDH because of the following:

    1. MPLS support quality of service , so we can assign different priorities and control the different streams of traffic.
    2. Improve bandwidth utilization , because SDH has fixed bandwidth even the user didn’t used all bandwidth it’s dedicated , it’s not the efficient way to manage the bandwidth.
    3. Support packet switching and it’s the best traffic type for modern 4G 5G demands
    4. Support OAM (operation administration and maintenance) features.

Simply we can say that :


  • OAM features is some additional features that allows to efficiently manage and control the transport devices like :

    1. Bandwidth measure
    2. Link Trace
    3. Loopback
    4. Latency analysis
  • MPLS TP use PWE3 to carry and transmit the traffic.

  • For solutions, you can check Huawei PTN 6900 and 7900 and learn more about the MPLS TP products.

  • PTN 7900 can support high capacity Ports up to 400 G.

  • So the most important MPLS TP feature is OAM.

  • OAM ensure LSP/ PW mangment, troubleshooting, control, performance monitoring.

  • There’s what called Generic alert label, this signal carry the OAM with in the same path of traffic inside the LSP (label switched path).

Will explain MPLS TP in details later.

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