Migrate legacy 4G radio units to 5G

In recent news, Nokia said it can instantly migrate 5 Million legacy 4G radio units to 5G.
All it takes is only a software upgrade to the new 5G software that offers seamless transition for installed 4G/LTE radios to 5G/NR
The move avoids the need for tower climbs enabling immediate enablement of 5G/NR.

Does anyone here have some comments about it?

If its same radio band correct?

Without card changed?

Very good news.

Is this for all BTS model /version?

Will the thpt increase or it will just for 5G logo on device?

Either 60 + Mhz on the same band same radio possible for decent thpt + 5G logo.
Else new 3.5G mid band radio needed.

T Mobile did the same thing, but there 5G speeds are Much lower than LTE.

They did with <40 Mhz or so.
Not sure… they called 5G +

During the field trials, we are getting 400+ Mbps on 5G NSA.

Due 4x4 device.
Was it 700 Mhz?
Then may be 2x2.

Was 600 Mhz.

During the initial launch they had 5G on 600 Mhz with 10 Mhz BW and in some cases with 5 Mhz BW for coverage.
Anyways Verizon has highest speeds in US right now ~ 4 gig on FR2.

How are they managing the coverage part on FR2?

FR2 will have limited coverage no matter who deploys it.

I’ve seen full 2.5 Gbps pdsch throughput for verizon mmwave
4 CA
600 Mbps for sprint 2.5 Ghz
And 300/400 Mbps for 600/850 Mhz TMO/ ATT 5G
Though LTE TMO we have seen 700 Mbps 5CA4G