Microsoft TEAMS Download file progress indicator / bar missing

Hello dear Experts,

I am going crazy here. :weary:

I cannot find any clue:
When I transfer data from TEAMS I can NOT see anything…
I simple do not know if the is downloading or not. :frowning:
It’s even worst, It doesn’t let me cancel the download! (If you accidentally press download twice or more, there will be duplicate files - after God knows when - and you end up wasting your time and Internet package)

I am even afraid to ask it here thinking it’s a very and basic true, and i am not seeing an obvious measurement.
But i give up… I am just not able to find it. :triumph:

So please, how can i see current progress of downloads in TEAMS?


Hello @CarlosFuente
Unfortunately, this is know issue, and you’re not alone. :frowning:
Actually, Microsoft does not seem to monitor or list user feedback at all.

They have a channel (Microsoft User Voice), but it’s only another place that also seems not work.

Specifically for this, there’s a proposed request in 2017. We’re in 2021 and they did absolutely NOTHING.

Microsoft TEAMS Download file progress indicator / bar missing

Here you can see the long time request by users:


I have a workaround, maybe this can be useful for you too:

Whenever I have to download a file from a TEAMS Team, I choose Open in Sharepoint.


And in SharePoint, I download it - and I can see the progress of Download and even cancel if i want. :wink:

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Really nice tip, thank you!

Not to mention that TEAMS obligate you to download all files to “Downloads” folder, while in SharePoint you can choose the folder to download for.

Well I am frusted with this issus. I followed every guide availble online and finally decided to Uninstall Microsoft Teams.

You can use other apps which are alternatives to Teams like Asana, Jira and more.