Metaverse Healthcare

The Health Care Metaverse!

I. Value Creation

  1. Improving access to care by connecting patients and providers regardless of location

  2. Enhancing the accuracy of diagnostics and the quality of surgery with advanced technologies

  3. Reducing costs in care delivery, medical training, and data management

  4. Opening new possibilities for storage, sharing, and access to data

  5. Enhancing the experience of patients and insurance plan members and diversifying revenues with new offerings

  6. Lowering operating costs by streamlining such functions as recruiting, learning and development, and payment

II. Emerging Health Care Use Cases

  1. Mental health and neurological treatments (e.g., online therapy, telemedicine) 23%

  2. Blockchain for scoring and sharing health care data (e.g., patient data protection and sharing) 21%

  3. Medical training and education (e.g., virtual surgery simulation) 12%

  4. Medical procedure assistance (e.g., surgery robots, surgery holography) 10%

  5. Physical therapy and rehabilitation (e.g., stroke recovery, physical therapy workouts, progress tracking) 9.1%

  6. Blockchain ecosystems and payment and supply chain applications (e.g., payment platforms, anticounterfeit technology) 8.6%

  7. AR and VR Infrastructure for biotech (e.g., developers, manufacturers) 8%

  8. Vision diagnostics and eye tracking (e.g., eye exams, eye movement tracking) 7.1%

III. Early Adopters Can Gain Extra Value

  1. Learning Curve
    Early participation enables companies to stay ahead of the curve and move quickly as use cases scale up

  2. Network Effects
    Early movers can establish valuable partnerships and alliances ahead of competitors

  3. First-Mover Advantage
    Organizations can accumulate data and talent ahead of the competition

  4. Reputational Impact
    Early movers gain a disproportionate share of voice and recognition as leaders

  5. Innovation
    Companies can create new channels for engagement with patients and members.

IV. Getting Started Today

  1. Experience the metaverse
    Buy some headsets, organize demonstration sessions, and expose the organization to new possibilities

  2. Form a crew
    Bring together experienced and passionate people in a loose structure that facilitates regular interaction and collaboration

  3. Collect use cases
    Create ways to brainstorm and evaluate the highest-value use cases

  4. Foster partnerships
    Initiate discussions with potential partners and peers to build knowledge and experience

  5. Follow the trends
    Stay up to date on technology investments, adoption trends, changes in regulation.

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