Message with UE CSI report feedback (CQI, PMI, RI...) to network

5G Experts,
How can I check in message about UE CSI report feedback to network?
Like CQI, PMI, RI, etc…?


At L3 level I believe we can’t see.
It’s at L1 level carry on PUCCH.

Open Ucidataind msg, in which you can find CQI, PMI, RI values.

You may check under this msg MAC LL1 CSF Indication.


Where is CQI, PMI and RI information?

It means in Actix 5G message browser, search for mac ll1 csf.

But this information send from UE–> gNB, right?
In that case it doesn’t full fullfill our requirement.
We have to know what is gNB CQI value consideration before he received 1st CSI measurement report from UE…

Yes, or TEMS or any other tool.

But that value cannot be seen from Air interface of UE only from gNodeB logs.
Only knowing the MCS of the 1st scheduling you will know the CQI used for very first scheduling.
So look at MCS used for first DCI and from the MCS you will know the CQI used for first scheduling.

For everyone to understand: @Vicky is trying to find out what is the CQI used by scheduler for first packet transmission before UE reports CQI.

We have initial MCS.

In LTE, generally QPSK is used before eNB can get CSI.

For Ericsson there’s a param for DL Initial CQI as @Vicky mentioned.
It can range from 0 to 15.
He is trying to change that parameter and prove with logs that change really happened.

Very Well Explained @RFSpecialist.
I already pull out the bbtrace from system.

Without any CQI reported it mean initial MCS not used for Ericsson?

Reviewing the logs based on your suggestion or trick …like first DCI MCS value.

Got the sample for bbtrace.

But I can see cqi=15 in this trace.
Did you set the param for 15?
It is a very aggressive value.
Better start with 4 or 6 for initial cqi.
Only wideband cqi 15 is in the picture. Subband cqi is 0 all over.

This NR.119 trace does not help you @Vicky because it just provides reported cqi, as mentioned in highlighted part in yellow.

Yes, I changed here to 7, then in next step change to 6.

Yes, willl detail on message and performance later.

NR.119 is to get CQI & RI in Ericsson , that’s correct @RFSpecialist.
Similarly we have other event to get MCS.
Still checking more detail with PDU.

Such information is not available on lib, or anywhere so easily.

MCS is a selection for downlink of the scheduler based on CQI from NR119 trace.
You will not get MCS in NR.119 trace.

Yes, I’ll share detailed report later… once I get all information.