Message showing TDD Pattern (pattern1 and pattern2)

5G Experts,
About TDD NR Pattern Strategy, in 5G.
I want to know which Message can I see this value. Is it in SIB-1 like LTE TDD?


It’s in RRC Reconfiguration.
Slot format indicator.

Thank you @ankgitm and @eta004. I found and saw the information in my logs.

Now, I have another question: Why it just show pattern 1 and pattern 2?
Might be NR 3GPP standard?
So which value should we refer: pattern 1 or pattern 2?

These slot config what I know is vendor specify as well.
It means symbol per slot for DL, UL, Special slot.
I think in 3GPP 55 around slot format there.

You can find in 64. :wink:

Ok @Sakshama_Ghoslya. Maybe some new added last time 55 I saw. Thanks.

I think pattern 2 is optional - doesn’t have any significance.
Is it like that?

Pattern not clear what it mean are they referring frame structure ie flexible, semi static or TD LTE option we have or config ratio like 1/4 or 3/7.

Everyone: Any comments over pattern type 1 and 2, what does it signify?

Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 are used in case the pattern use noncontignoud DL like 4DL2UL4DL.
The second pattern will give us the pattern after the UL Slots.

Exactly :+1:.

Sorry guys, not clear to me yet.
I think 3GPP specific only 2 pattern type…
When to use Pattern1 and Pattern2, how we make sure?


I have highlighted the difference.

Suppose you have 8D2U. You will not see Pattern2.
But 4DL2UL4DL you will see Pattern 2.

Which i got in my logs.
I am using below pattern that’s why 2 pattern type visible in logs?


I’m using 4DL+1UL+3DL+2UL

Yes and it is clear from log as well.

Got it @FahadFazal.
This pattern 1 and pattern 2 value will be dynamic in different logs.
Depend on slot used at that particular time.
Is my understanding is correct?

It will take value from cell which is serving.

So its mean noofdownlinkslot and noofuplinkslot value should be change.

dlulslot pattern can be changed.

Based on my network configuration, both pattern have significance basically in term to know slot UL/DL configuration.