Measurement Reporting in RRC connection setup complete (in Rel 16)?

Hello Experts,
Is Measurement Reporting in RRC connection setup complete some new feature in Rel 16?

I guess UE do not send MR report before security mode procedure.

First UE needs to be instructed what to report.
I don’t think this can be done in RRC connection setup.

Can we do this through SIB in Rel16?

It’s not MR, but report through RRC connection setup complete.

Which SIB 3, 5, 6, 7 should do this in 4G?
I am not aware of this.

Just a question.
I am seeing requirements based on this, so I thought to ask if anybody is already aware of it.

Measurement reports is configured after drb creation there is not use of measurement during srbs.

Well, there is a need for A3 event in high mobility in areas without clear dominance.
Otherwise will be call setup failure.

This is what I was looking for.
Does anybody know the use case for this IE?

This is for logged MDT mode where UE can report GPS/coverage/quality/cell ID kind of L3 parameters in idle mode at fixed intervals.

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