Measurement report/config in different cells

Hi all.
If measurement reporting is configured through cell 1, but UE has been handed over to cell 2.
Does the UE use meas config it received on cell 1 to report in cell2?
LTE scenario

No, new meaurements configured via RRC Reconfiguration for Cell 2 separately and previous will be removed.

There is concept of autonomous meas id removal.
So after handover all applicable meas id will be removed.
Example: meas id related to serving cell.

So I am thinking every UE by default supports autonomous meas id removal?

Yes it should be.
But all meas id which not removed as a part of automonous removal… UE will continue to report.

Let me add here a few comments in order to bring more detabe into the matter, but before I do so, @mannu_kumar is correct, and here´s 36.331. Reception of an RRCConnectionReconfiguration including the mobilityControlInfo by the UE (handover)

If the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message includes the mobilityControlInfo and the UE is able to comply with the configuration included in this message, the UE shall:
1> if the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message includes the fullConfig:
2> perform the radio configuration procedure as specified in section;
1> if the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message includes the measConfig:
2> perform the measurement configuration procedure as specified in 5.5.2;
1> perform the measurement identity autonomous removal as specified in; Measurement identity autonomous removal
The UE shall:
1> for each measId included in the measIdList within VarMeasConfig:
2> if the associated reportConfig concerns an event involving a serving cell while the concerned serving cell is not configured:
3> remove the measId from the measIdList within the VarMeasConfig;
3> remove the measurement reporting entry for this measId from the VarMeasReportList, if included;
3> stop the periodical reporting timer if running, and reset the associated information (e.g. timeToTrigger) for this measId;

NOTE 1: The above UE autonomous removal of measId’s applies only for measurement events A1, A2 and A6.
NOTE 2: When performed during re-establishment, the UE is only configured with a primary frequency (i.e. the SCell(s) are released, if configured).

Now, my comments:

  1. It is important to obseve if “fullConfig” is present. If yes, everything is erased. lncluding measObjects, reportConfigs and measIds.
  1. if “fullConfig” is NOT present, my understanding is only measIds realated to reportConfigs which have Events A1, A2 and A6, will be removed. Off course, I’m assuming here that also in the RRC Reconfig for HO the message doesn`t explicity delete them.
  2. if “fullConfig” is NOT present, my understanding is measObjects and reportConfigs are preserved, regardless if the measIds which they are associated with, are deleted.

What do you think? Does it makes sense to you?

Hi @marcengo,

Sorry I do not follow the posts so much so outside if the whatsapp group. But yes, it does make sense. Thanks.