Measurement Gap Length (MGL) in 5G

Yes correct, as mentioned gap required for inter freq / inter rat measurement.

I still have doubt with this point.
So, for an example if UE is on FR2 and wants to measure non NR RAT( EUTRA) but since EUTRA just support gap id 0 and 1 so why UE will use gap id from 12-23 to measure EUTRA?

Here serving is FR2.
So there is nothing do with what EUTRA support.
UE will stop DL/UL transmission of FR2 during MGL, and start measuring EUTRA.

Yes, it will measure the EUTRA, but what will be the MGL?

For any measurement, network will decide which gap to be used.
UE just follow it condition, UE must support that gap, if no it lead to failure.

Other option is drx cycle, which can use alternative to measurements gap.

The one which FR2 configures.

FR2 configures 12-23 gap id which have 1.5/3.5/5.5 ms MGL, but I think these gap pattern are not supported to measure EUTRA.

I want to add one more point here.
For handover scenarios, decision is never taken on 1 or 2 measurement samples.
There are time to triggers, for every event.
For example, UE on FR2 measuring EUTRA, and it has MGL say 1.5 ms (gap 20).
So UE will keep on collecting Measurement results and do L3 filtering, as long as TTT satisfied.
Once target cell satisfy event trigger condition UE send MR.
This is not going tohappen in 1 MGL or so.

Typically TTT are 240 ms or so, if we consider MGRP 20ms, then in 240 ms UE is going to collect 12 samples.

This is my understanding.

In my document is is written Non NR RAT, so it can be EUTRA also, isn’t it?

Yes, this can be.

For this one, I believe, TTT indicates that HO trigger condition (for example A3 event-neighbor must be offset better than serving) must be valid for this time, then only UE will report this MR.
So if neighbor cell RSRP is better than serving cell by offset for TTT, then UE will end the MR.
Now in those 240 ms, there won’t be all opportunity for Measurement gap (must be not).

M gap should be there. Otherwise HO cannot happen.