MDSO - Simplifying Dynamic & Complex 5G Service Delivery Ecosystem

In the context of 5G technology, service orchestration and automation simplify and enable efficient management and optimization of network resources, integration solutions acquired from multiple vendors, and delivering them on a distributed and hybrid network infrastructure. It facilitates agility, scalability, and integration, enabling organizations to adapt to digital disruptions and fully leverage the advantages of the organization’s digital initiatives. Multi-Domain Service Orchestrator (MDSO) is vital in achieving the set goals of this modern digital journey and 5G network modernization, as it delivers services successfully in a simplified and effective manner, thereby ensuring a genuine user and operator experience.

To provide insights into this, register for a webinar to discuss the following:

  • The Role of MDSO in the Dynamic 5G Ecosystem
  • The importance of integrating different components in a distributed 5G solution environment
  • How to simplify service/solution delivery in 5G using automation orchestration

Link to register: MDSO – Simplifying Dynamic and Complex 5G Service Delivery Ecosystem