Maximum number of UEs that are in RRC connected state simultaneously

Hi experts, I would like to know the maximum number of UEs in RRC-connected state simultaneously in one gNB? What factors can determine this maximum number (e.g., memory, processing capability)? Thanks!

Mainly it is dependent on the vendor specification,
For instance, HUAWEI Maximum Number of UEs is related to Baseband Processing Board.
For details on the maximum number of RRC connected users supported by a BBP, see 3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Technical Description.

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max rrc UEs is dependent on Baseband board processing capability but if we need to drill down it actually determined based on those:

- PUCCH format 1/3(long), format 0/2 short limits per cell and pucch coding rate/modulation
- PCSI / SR scheduling periodicity
- PCSI resource per UE
- min pusch prbs allocated also determines the number of max pucch resources in UL so indirectly impacts max rrc connected UEs
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Many thanks for your answer!

Thank you for your detailed explanation!