Maximum number of neighbors per Cell

Anyone remember about the maximum neighbor can be added for LTE to UMTS (1 carrier)?
And LTE to NSA-NR (1 carrier)?
And what is maximum neighbor count per cell level for LTE as well?
Ericsson Vendor.

Wasn’t it 32 intra + 32 inter + 32 irat?

For UMTS it was 32.
Is there any increase for LTE?

LTE to LTE Nbr must always be higher than LTE to UMTS & LTE to NR.

Yes, I want to know for IRAT, what is the maximum limit from LTE to UMTS / LTE to NR?

For Huawei, LTE to 3G/NR is 32.
No idea for Ericsson.

There was a CR to increase Carrier Monitoring to 64.
I cannot remember the release.