Maximum number of layers UE can be scheduled in 5G MU-MIMO

Did you know that in 5G MU-MIMO an UE can be scheduled with maximum 2 layers?
And not 4 layers per UE in MU-MIMO scheduling scenario.

Yes this is true.
Max 6 UEs in MU-MIMO mode with 2x2.

Huawei can deliver 16 layers in DL, so 8 UEs with 2x2.

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How they get 16 DMRS for 16 layers?
Since max DMRS possible are only 12?

They repeat existing 12 in different space locations.
So no interference in DMRS.
Neither in PDSCH for 16 layers.
Scheduler is in charge for pairing users for Mu-MIMO.
Of course it is not always possible.
But when it is possible it is done.

Ohh…this is great!
But isn’t it difficult on field?
Did they get it on field?

Secret recipe is UE to be well spreaded over the cell coverage, i.e. each UE in a different beam.

It is only possible when using finer beams only.

some documents such as 5G bullets say that: due to beamforming, MU-MIMO can work but not say beamforming is the only way.