Maximum number of allocated PRB

5G Question: For a 273 PRBs BWP configured I am seeing in drive-test maximum 267 PRBs allocated in DL Grant. Is this the maximum PRB number possible to be allocated?
No chances to get 270 for example?
Anyone having experience in max PRBs allocated?

Yes have seen max but was 66 for some other band.
There is a table which shows the max prb for each band and bandwidth, right?

Yes but that’s theory.
In real life you seldom get what is written there.

Yes, this 273 you mentioned is theoretical max, right?

Yes, BWP is configured for 273.

50 MHz scs 60 > 66 we have seen in practice also.

There’s no 66 only 65.
Ok…in my case nto sure what drive-testers were doing.Maybe they have not forced enough data in DL this is why I don’t get 273.

No, 120 scs 100 MHz bw I have seen 66.

Ok. Also possible other users there as it is live cluster.
But strange why I don’t get a single sample of 273 PRBs. Should be there.

What is the test file size? Ftp?
Ours was 5 parallel 1GB multithreads.

This sounds good.

Using this test profile we got max 700 MBps in LTE and 2.5 GBps in 5G NR.

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Any idea over number of users scheduled per slot?

Please check the para: overhead configured by higher layer, in RRC messages.


Overhead = 6RB, so max RB allocated = 273-6=267

Makes sense now. :+1:

Btw, what is this overhead for?

That’s for PUSCH.

Similar parameter for PDSCH.