Maximum Bit Rate for Downlink versus APN-AMBR in NEMO log

Dear Experts ,
I need your expertise to solve my query in NEMO logs.
Maximum Bit Rate for Downlink =256 Mbps
Other side APN-AMBR is 20 Gpbs
My question is very straight forward: what is UE Max Peak achievable throughput based on 256 Mbps or 20 Gbps?

I had this issue alos, but with max 512 with Huawei device.
Fixed by changing UE capability to data only.

Does UE can get max peak throughput up to 256 Mbps?
Or can go further more because APN capacity is high?

For my case it was upto 512 although my AMBR APN was 2 Gbps.
Do UU trace to check max physical throughput.
I checked and it was 1.4 Gbps, but speed test max get 512 Mbps.

Packet injection Test on an IMSI for NR and UDP for LTE to determine how much THP UE will be able to deliver over Air Interface.

I want to understand simple meaning of both parameter first, rather than any suggestion on optimization.
Will UE follow Max bit rate extended or APN-AMBR bit rate?

Who is the MBR for this phone?
Does it (phone) support more than 512Mbps?

From what I remember…

Within core there are various AMBR parameters:
APN AMBR is for aggregated throughput a UE can achieve for specific APN. Even if UE is capable to achieve more, PGW will limit the throughput to this parameter.
UE AMBR is for aggregated throughput a UE can achieve across all APNs.
Also remember that UEs own capability may also be a limiting factor.

What you see in this trace is MBR of the bearer and maximum limit of its associated APN AMBR.
UE will be limited to MBR of the Bearer i.e. 256Mbps.