Max RxTx Capabilities of 5G UE

Hi All,
As of now (November 2020) in 5G, UE have max 4RX and 2TX.
Is it correct?


Yes 2T2R and 2T4R.

So it’s like for FR1:

  • 2 DL 2 UL
  • 4DL 2 UL
  • 8 DL 4 UL
  • 16DL 8 UL

Anyone know of 5G UEs with beamforming capabilities in Uplink?
In mmWave I heard there are.

It’s on specs.
Not sure if implemented anywhere yet.

UL 2x2 MIMO only that I know.
Beamforming not sure.

UL 2x2 is supported everywhere (with some exceptions for lower bands).

Do you see UE supporting 2 layers uplink pusch?
I checked some UE but only 1 layer.