Max number of MIMO layers in 5G NSA?

Have anyone seen or tested more than 12 layers in 5G NSA?
As per my information we can max go with 32x32 layers MIMO.

I have seen 16 (4 MU-MIMO users with 4x4 each).

Huawei and Ericsson have 16 pdsch layers
32 is the max number of CSI-RS ports, not layers.

There is higher chance to see 8 users each with 2 layers than 4 users each with 4 layers.

Number of layers can be equal or less that number of CSI-RS port.
Isn’t this concept correct?

If gNB supports 8 Beams.
Trials i was involved in were for 4 Beams and 4 layers each.

PMI matrix is PxL where P is CSI-RS ports and L is layers.
They are not related to each other.
Number of csi-ports gives how narrow is the beam.

So what is max layer therotically possible?

As there is space multiplexing I don’t think there is a limit other than implementation limit.
Limit is pairing users for mu-MIMO.

I knew that in FR1, there can be max 12x12 MIMO.
Which I think is not limitation.

You can find a report of Ericsson demonstrating 16 PDSCH layers.

Read it in Signals Flash 16:

4 beams equal 8 layers.
Remember 1 beam equal 2 layers.

With FR1 we can use 8 SSB beams, but MIMO mode I seen as of now max 4x2 option only.

It’s difficult to get rank4 for an UE, this is why more common is 8 UEs with 2 layers each.

How did you concluded that?
I mean max 4x2?

1 beam can be 4x4.

4x2 was in LTE also.

1 SSB beam can’t we require 2 SSB beam for 4x4.

It’s 4x2 or 4x4 I mean.

With 4x4 MIMO mode and 2 SSB beam I seen rank 4, but very difficult to achieve.