Mastering PowerBI: Unleashing Insights from Basics to Pro

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to this exciting Power BI journey, packed with insights! Whether you’re embarking on your first data analytics adventure or looking to elevate your skills, you’ve come to the right place. This tailored experience is designed to make generating valuable insights in any domain easy and quick.

The Power BI series will unfold across two videos, delving into the most crucial techniques in Power BI. Following that, there will be two additional practical videos where I’ll construct two distinct KPIs and another Insight template. These templates can serve as a valuable reference, solidifying the knowledge you will gain from this YouTube series.

Below is the content covered in Part 1:

  1. RF Use Cases & Basics
  • Why Power Bi?
    • Examples of Crowd Sourcing Insights and KPIs Dashboard
    • Power Bi Main pages Overview
    • How to create a Visual
    • Visual Creation & Formatting
    • How to upload datasets
  1. Advanced Charts

    • Stacked Charts
    • Histogram
    • Available Quick Calculations”% Differences”
    • Scattered Charts
    • Percentile Charts
    • Tables
    • Moving Average
    • Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF)
  2. Important Function

    • Group Creation
    • Filters & Slicers
    • Advanced Sorting
    • Parameters Creation Use Cases
    • Charts Formats
    • How to Create Links

  • CDF Formula:

  • Moving Average Formula:

LinkedIn: :point_right: : Mohamed ElAdawi Ashour on LinkedIn: Mastering PowerBI: Unleashing Insights from Basics to Pro (Part1/2)

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Video Script: (HH: MM)

Introduction 00:00 to 00:02
Min - RF Use Cases Examples 00:02 to 00:05
Power Basics: 00:05 to 00:20
Advanced Charts: 00:20 to 01:15
Important Function: 1:15 to 02:00

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Part 2 of our Power BI series has just dropped! :point_down:

In this installment, we delve into the world of Power BI Maps, thoroughly comparing different mapping options, including ARCGIS, Azure, MapBox, and the standard Power BI Map. Learn how to effortlessly create various map visualizations, from Points/Coverage/RSRP Plots to Custom Legends, HeatMaps, Clustering, Site/Sector Creation, Polygon/Clustering, and even Points Selection and Filtering.

Part 2 takes a deep dive into DAX Top Use Cases. We demystify essential functions such as Average, AverageX, SUM, SUMX, Count, CountX, RANKX TOPN, IF, SWITCH, TRUE FUNCTION, LOOKUPVALUE FUNCTION, CALCULATE, FILTER, ALLSELECTED, ALL functions, DATEADD, DATESBETWEEN, and DATEDIFF and How to use CHATGPT to master DAX.
It’s your ultimate guide to mastering DAX!

Data Modeling becomes a breeze as we explore Use Cases and unravel the intricacies of Connection Types, different cardinalities (one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many), and cross-filter direction.

Part 3 delivers a detailed practical explanation for most Power Query functions. Unleash the full potential of Power Query.

Stay tuned for more practical insights!

LinkedIn: :point_right: : Mohamed ElAdawi Ashour on LinkedIn: Mastering PowerBI: Unleashing Insights from Basics to Pro (Part2/2)

Watch on Youtube : :point_right: