Massive MIMO working for 32T32R

Hi All,
Can any one share explanation fo massive MIMO working, how AAU internal work, its power supply, 32T32R.

I don’t know what exactly you need to know when you said work internal, but AAU antenna have 4 parts like 4 antenna in 1 and then you have multiple beam.

I want to know if an aau is 32T32R, we set 04 beams.
Each beam is a seprate cell and each cell TxRx mode is set to 32T32R, while CRS port is set to 4 ports.
So how these 32T32R antenna is used amongst all beam?
If RRU is 160W, how many power modules and how these power modules work?
As i know that we can’t configure power greater than 40W?

Please note all AE use for beam gNB apply antenna weights on these AE.
Particularly these AE divided as per configured ssb.

From where this limitation come? Which vendor?

Vendor is Huawei.

If your RRU is 160W then that’s your max limit for power, but you can configure different carriers like TDD 20, 10 on this RRU.
So power can be split between carriers.
It will depend on vendor how much max value allowed.
Some vendors having license as well for power.

No, it’s not like that in case of massive MIMO.

Yes indeed, massive MIMO is different.
There can be 128 antenna and total power to be 200 watts.
128 antenna elements I mean.

What is AAU type ?

Is it 160w/32 per TRX?