Massive MIMO solution can use 8, 16, 32 and 64 antennas?

Hi Experts,
Massive MIMO solution can use 8, 16, 32 and 64 antennas?

16, 32, 64
mMIMO means > 8

8T8R support MU-MIMO in LTE.

For mMIMO number of AE to be greater then 8.

Yes, but for MU-MIMO minimum requirement is 8T8R.

Both are different technology.
You can say MU-MIMO subset of mMIMO (8,16 layers).
With 8T8R I believe we have single beam and 2 users can multiplex only.

4 users…

4 users with 8T8R?

Yes, correct.

I don’t think it is possible…

4 layer beam forming, as per Huawei specification.

Let me check. Is it tm7 mode?
Single stream beamforming, then possible…
With dual stream beamforming tm8 not possible.

I am talking about MU-MIMO.

MU-MIMO required some TM mode without which it can’t work.
Hope so we are on same page discussion ongoing for MU-MIMO with LTE.

Yes. With TM8 you can serve 4 UEs simltaneously with RI=1.

With 8T8R?

Yes, 8T8R.

TM8 (dual layer beamforming)-based MU-MIMO for two users and each user with only one layer.

Two users are paired and then share the same PRBs, each user one codeword.

Uses TM8 antenna ports 7 and 8.

This is with TM8 using 8T8R.

Not sure how Huawei used 4 layers with 8T8R TM8.

4 layer in TM9.

Tm9 can go upto 2, 4, 8 port using csi-rs.
User beam used 7 to 14.