Mapping of TA INDEX with distance for NR

Hello Experts,
Anyone has the mapping of TA INDEX with distance for NR?
Huawei or Ericsson.

Do you have TA in NR Ericsson?

I know Huawei has it, so assuming Ericsson has it too.

Yes, Ericsson has it too.

Propagation Delay 3G:

Huawei NR TA:

Hi Experts.

Anyone has any idea for the below Nokia 5G counter bin values mapping with absolute TA distance?

Counter name -

This counter has total 32 bin counter.
Each bin refering to some range of absolute TA value.
I want to know the abosolute TA ranges for these 32 bin counters(M55307C01001 to M55307C01032)

Any reference will be helpful

In general, it is 78 meter.


78 meter for 1 TA unit.

But the counter is histogram counter.

Means each counter represent some bin (TA ranges), that I want to understand… the mapping.

TA range value is dependent on Sub carrier spacing, for 30KHz it is 39 m.

You can make the ranges in metres accordingly.

So, for example BIN1 is TA Value (0-7 ) in metres ( 0 -39*7)m

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