Make one carrier to be impossible for idle selection and reselection

Hello Experts,
I have a case.
We need to make one carrier to be impossible for idle selection and reselection.
Any suggestions?

Make cell as barred.

But will it be available for HO?

Yes, no issues for HO.

Make cell access for operator only ie only class 15 sim cards.

Is it possbile to set via parameter?
Vendor is Huawei.

This involve configuration change in CORE.

So only will take effect on idle mode, connected will be fine, right?

Yes, no issues for connected mode.

Turn off the carrier.

Bar the carrier cell.
Which tech is this?

It will be ok, if it is LTE, u can even use it for carrier aggregation with some additional features.

Somes solutions to make one carrier unavailable for selection/reselection (idle mode) such as:
1, set cell barred: all UE can not access this cell
2, restrict some access class: normal AC are 10-15
3, reserve LTE cell: in this case, only UE has high-priority RRC establishment can access cell. HSS can set this kind of UE
4, Set rx-lev-min to very high level, such as -20dbm. So almost UE can not access.