Major difference between 4G & 5G protocol stack?

Whats the major difference between 4G & 5G protocol stack?

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The 5G protocol stack is similar to the 4G protocol stack, but there are some key differences.
The 5G protocol stack has two main layers:

  1. The control plane (C-plane):: The C-plane is responsible for managing the network, such as setting up connections and routing data.

  2. The user plane (U-plane): The U-plane is responsible for transferring data between devices.

  • The 5G C-plane is similar to the 4G C-plane, but it has some new features, such as:

    • Network slicing: Network slicing allows operators to create dedicated networks for different applications or services. This can be used to improve the performance of critical applications, such as self-driving cars or virtual reality.

    • Massive MIMO: Massive MIMO uses multiple antennas to transmit and receive data from multiple devices simultaneously. This can improve the capacity and coverage of the network.

    • Beamforming: Beamforming uses directional antennas to focus the signal on the intended device. This can improve the performance of the network, especially in areas with poor signal reception.

  • The 5G U-plane is also similar to the 4G U-plane, but it has some new features, such as:

    • New data formats: 5G uses new data formats that are more efficient and can support higher data rates.

    • New security features: 5G has new security features that can protect data from unauthorized access.

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