Main differences between NSA and SA call

Hi Experts,
Follows main difference observed between NSA and SA call.

  1. For NSA call under attach request
  • N1 mode: not supported
  • Dual connectivity with NR: supported
  1. For SA call under registration request message
  • N1 mode: supported
  • Dual connectivity with NR: not supported

Now: N1 mode is main differentiator here.
Anyone having different observation please comment.

What is N1 mode?

N1 interface between UE and AMF.
For option 2, with 5G Core.

5G Core has CP and UP seperation (AMF vs SMF/UPF) while NSA UE just atatch to MME (both function of AMF and SMF).

SA Option 2:
Lower latency and Lower setup time
5G end-to-end for new services

NSA Option 3:
can use the existing 4G EPC as the core and 4G/LTE RAN for network coverage and capacity.
Higher capacity