Machine Learning 🔬 in Wireless Networks!

Machine Learning :microscope: in Wireless Networks!

Wireless machine learning (ML) :microscope: will function as an overlay in the early phases of 5G.

This overlay machine learning aims to enhance current features like beam management📡, energy conservation🔋, and quality of service (QoS) enhancements📈. It can be applied separately on the device📱 or in the network🌐. The device or infrastructure vendor is responsible for implementing wireless ML as proprietary functions, including model development and management💼.

Only one-sided models—in which inference is done on the device📱 or the network🌐—are supported by overlay machine learning.

Like in 5G NR Release 16 and beyond, these capabilities also rely on proprietary and standardized data collecting​:bar_chart:, which is utilized as training input for self-organizing networks and minimization of drive tests (SON/MDT):red_car:.

3GPP: Rel17-RAN3 & Rel18-RAN1 Focus on AI/ML Studies in RAN networks