MAC Scheduler for 4G and 5G


I want to start learning MAC scheduler either 4G or 5G. Since it’s completely internal to companies so there are not many rich papers nor references or courses.

Any help like “explanations” or public domain docs?

I’d say this is the most dense thing to learn for many reasons, starting with the more direct one, which is, this is how one vendor beats the other, so don’t expect to have everything open to you. Besides that, it is complex on its nature.

But to answer your question, for each vendor, its own documentation is the best source for it.

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Thanks @marcengo, I understand it.

I understand that company’s own documentation is the best source to learn this.
Since I work on a teatbed project and have no one around to help with these skills, how should I actually start about it?
How do I slowly develop these skills?

That was infact my previous question.
I have good understanding of PHY and some sort of L1 controller.

I’d suggest then to start with the “LTE in bullets” book.
It has been revised one, while 5G is still in the initial version.
It is a good reference to warm you up.

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