'm/f/d' sufix in Jobs offers

Hello dears.

I am receiving lately jobs offers with ‘m/f/d’ sufix.
What does it mean?

Hi @Rafael_Caixeta.

In some countries, like in Germany (see this Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – Wikipedia), there’s a law demanding jobs posting to explicitly say they don’t ‘discriminate’.

So, you’ll likely to find jobs posting with the indication that the position is open to all genders (female, male, and all the others). Like ‘m/f/d’ or ‘m/f/x’.

  • m: male
  • f: female
  • d: diverse
  • x: intersex (not specified)

If post is in German (not in English), you will find ‘m/w/d’:

  • m: männlich / male
  • w: weiblich / female
  • d: divers / /diverse

Of course it’s defined by law in Germany, but in some other countries you may find same indication, and it is pretty similar the understanding.