We just completed a project for a DAS network. However, after integration of L2600 band. We have informed that there is High UL RSSI of -99dBm and told us to troubleshoot the installation.

Under antenna reading is approx -30dBm to -40dBm.
We notice that UAR is very strong.

After some troubleshooting on site, we notice that when we attenuate the Infra by 20dB(physically) UL RSSI value improved to -115dBm. However, my UAR falls down to -70dBm.

What is the relationship of attenuating the infra by certain dB, UL RSSI?

Hi Bro, I guess -99dBm UL RSSI measurement comes from pm data of the cell. But the under antenna reading, what do you mean, is it UL RSSI measurement close to the antenna or you connected the antenna to a spectrum analyzer? can you detail this a bit more? What is UAR?
When you say that you attenuate the infra what do you mean with infra? the output of the radio unit of the cell before connecting to das or the radio unit of DAS ?

Hi Jr,

OK, lets rephrase the sentence.

We have a Distributed antenna system with high UL RSSI with value of RadioRecinterferencePwr -99dBm.

Observation after some physical troubleshooting.

  1. No physical issue like connectors, components, antenna etc.
  2. No swap cable etc
  3. Under Antenna reading is so good with approx -30dBm to -40dBm using Nemo handy

With this high antenna reading, we try to Attenuate the the RU power by 20dB by installing physical attenuator after the RU. and by doing this, we notice a good improvement on the UL RSSI to approx. -115dBm however, under antenna reading is degraded.

Is there anything we can check on UL parameters? What are the specific parameter that we check optimise? Note that we are using ENO Equipment.

So E… counter from what I see.
the -30 dBm and -40dBm should be RSRP if im not wrong.
if you dont have physical issue like connectors, componetns, antenna, then vswr its ok I guess
Pretty much theres a lot of options there, try to extract if possible ul rssi from nemo log just to double check, im not sure of this since long time havent worked with nemo.
It may be some interference signal, try to do a spectrum analysis and if everything ok, do a compare of the cm data to a ‘known good’ cell because at cm level there are many options.