LTE VoLTE RTP packet loss Rate from DT

Hi all.

I need some help.
RTP packet loss measured on a VoLTE call from DT.
How is this measured?
And is it Uu measurement OR a backhaul TX link flap issue or some not on the RAN part?

Usually based on RTP Sequence number, meaning, unless you can correlate MO and MT, you will be limited to DL Packet Loss, regardless if the packet was lost on MO Uu, MT Uu or TX.

RTP is upper of PDCP.
Radio and TX both impact it.
Usually if PDCP loss rate normal, RTP abnormal possible caused by TX part between eNodeB and IMS. RTP issue delimitation is important for this kind of problem.
Can refer to related KPIs of RAN & CORE side.
Also huawei SEQ can help to analysis.