LTE UL queries

Hello Experts,

  1. Does Scheduling request (SR) in LTE UL also can send over PUSCH channel?
  2. UCI can send on both PUCCH or PUSCH?
  3. When any INFO send on PUSCH then what PHICH (About Ack) will indicate. So, what is the logic here?

Please share if any one have knowledge about these.

  1. SR sent via PUCCH only

  2. UCI (CQI)

    • periodic CQI sent via PUCCH
    • periodic CQI sent via PUSCH when CQI report is configured to transmitted together with DL data at PUSCH
    • aperiodic CQI sent via PUSCH only
  3. Don’t really understand your question, but, for ARQ & HARQ principles may refer to TS36300 section 9

Chiawwei Chan